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Emerging Trends In Infrastructure

Discussing the latest trends in infrastructure affecting the loan and bond markets in the infrastructure finance world. More

Standard & Poor's Says Global Credit Conditions Are Improving, But Some Risks Are Shifting To Emerging Markets

Global credit conditions are mixed, as the global economic recovery stays on track and some of its more pernicious risks--those related to U.S. fiscal policy and the eurozone--have generally… More

Spotlight On Russia And Ukraine

The fluidity of events in Russia and Ukraine and the international reaction to them inevitably create degrees of uncertainty and unpredictability. With this caveat in mind, therefore, we are presenting our view of the most plausible scenarios and… More

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Standard & Poor’s Rates First Corporate Of Morocco

The rating on Moroccan corporate OCP is a very important milestone for Standard & Poor’s. In this CreditMatters TV segment, S&P corporate analyst Lucas Sevenin discusses this rating strengths and weaknesses, why OCP is considered a Government-Related Entity and what could change the rating.

U.S. Corporate Rating Actions And Outlook: The Outlook Remains Stable For 2014 Despite The Fed's Tapering, But Downgrades Did Outpace Upgrades In The First Quarter

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services downgraded 62 issuers and upgraded 55 issuers in the first quarter of 2014. The downgrades account for $125.3 billion in rated debt, whereas the upgrades account… More

Assessing The Performance Of Standard & Poor's Global Corporate Ratings

Since the financial crisis that began in late 2008 and the slow recovery since, more attention than ever is on credit ratings. But a key question that is often overlooked is: How well do credit… More

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S&P Expands European Network With New Office In Poland

The new Poland office will serve as a hub for S&P's operations, serving markets across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). In this CreditMatters TV segment, newly appointed Regional Head for Central and Eastern Europe, Marcin Petrykowski explains how Poland’s strategic location, growing internationalization of business, and emerging domestic bond market make it an ideal location.

The Year Of Elections In Asia: India And Indonesia

India's 16th general elections--the world's largest democratic exercise, where more than 800 million people are eligible to vote--are underway. Tackling lower economic growth, high inflation, and large fiscal deficits are the key challenges for the… More

2013 Annual Global Corporate Default Study And Rating Transitions

Despite market turmoil during the summer--mainly because of announcements from the Federal Reserve that it was considering beginning to taper its bond purchases--corporate borrowers ultimately had … More

Structured Finance Research

Find the latest global structured finance research, all asset class presales, industry news, and sector trends from Standard & Poor’s Howard Esaki and the global structured finance research team. More